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Muslim Unity necessary to withstand Israeli occupying regime

All Muslims and freedom seekers around the world should focus on this issue that is unity, Hojjatoleslam Hamid Shahriari said in a meeting with Head of Iraqi Scholars Association Sheikh Khaled al-Mulla.  

The Muslim World is facing serious dangers and all Muslims should cooperate to combat them, Shahriari noted.

He further described proximity among religions as a strategy that makes the Muslim World stronger and the downfall of the global arrogance led by the US.

He added that dialogue and interaction between Ulema and scholars is a good way to reach unity among Islamic Ummah.

For his part, the Iraqi Sunni cleric said that today more than any other time, unity among the Islamic Ummah is needed and this is what the Supreme Leader has repeated over and over.

Today, project on proximity among Islamic religions should be activated, al-Mulla stressed.

Unity is the most powerful weapon in the hands of Muslims, he noted.

World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought makes great efforts to reinforce unity among Muslims.


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