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Diplomacy useful for Iran’s economy

A look at international disputes in Trump’s era shows that the relations among all nations with the United States marred by tension and crises. So, the world without Trump seems safer and is moving towards convergence and interaction.

It is natural that the post-Trump world provides all nations with an opportunity to increase trade and business. The issue is not only correct for Iran, because there are signs that show other countries are seeking to re-establish their trade and economic ties in regional and international levels.

There is no more concern about the consequences of having bilateral and multilateral negotiations. The recent Joint Commission meeting of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a new example of such a convergence, which shows the signatories to the deal are trying to find ways to remove sanction policy and expand economic cooperation.

There is no doubt that the US has imposed cruel sanctions on the Iranian nation during the four-year tenure of Donald Trump and that Washington deprived the nation from selling oil and earning money. However, the most important issue is that how the Iranians could maintain their national interests.
One of Iranian newspapers has recently reported that the key to resolve problems of the country is not in Vienna’s nuclear negotiations, but it is in Pasteur district in Tehran, home to president’s office. But the fact is that a look at financial and economic situation of the Islamic country shows that the international issues have great impact on domestic sectors. For example, following the Nowruz holidays the price of gold coins decreased due to optimism for reviving the JCPOA.

Of course, it is right that the effective elements to resolve domestic problems are the administrative and legislative bodies residing in Pasteur and Baharestan districts in Tehran, although a national concession is needed to pave the way for utilizing international opportunities.
In fact, development depends on all-out communications with the world. The more Iran interacts with the international system, the more the country can overcome the negative impacts of the sanctions. The finalization of the Iran-China 25-year Cooperation Program has been one of the most important news items in Europe and the US. Some experts believe that the Trump administration’s sanctions policy strengthened proximity between China and Iran.

The strategic cooperation between Beijing and Tehran can be considered as a good opportunity to attract foreign investments in Iran and also promote economic ties with other nations such as India and the European states.

It is worth mentioning that China has announced that the expansion of trade and economic exchanges with Iran depends on the lifting of sanctions; so, the embargo looks like a chain, which has engulfed Iran’s economy and prevents investors from investment in economy; therefore, it is a dire need to remove the chain through diplomacy and negotiations.



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