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RICHT head underlines regional training on cultural heritage

Beheshti made the remark at the opening session of the first international training workshop of museum environment and preventive conservation on the way to green museum, on Sunday.

According to RICHT Public Relations Office, he referred to some characteristics of the world of cultural heritage and said the population living in the world of cultural heritage are not high, that is to say the tribe of the cultural heritage and the expertise associated with cultural heritage is not large.

The head of the Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism pointed to lack of heavy investment as another characteristic of the cultural heritage world and stressed that since the cultural heritage field has no high economic efficiency in comparison with other fields, governments are not ready for making big investments.

Stressing that the cultural heritage field in view of the people who make the investments is not a good place for large investments, Beheshti said as a result the countries in accordance with their economic position do not take advantage of the capacities that are required for dealing with cultural heritage.

“It is not the case that countries with better financial situation are more capable in their mission with regard to the cultural heritage, therefore, the knowledge and science associated with the science of cultural heritage is scattered around the world like pieces of a puzzle that is to say each country (Italy, China, Japan, France, the US, etc.) is skillful in one field.

Pointing to the fact that different countries of the world have capabilities that are not complete alone, he said thus they can be connected with each other and teach and learn always in the position of teacher and student.
Stating that the sky of the cultural heritage is the same color all over the world, Beheshti noted that the entire world is entangled with its own cultural heritage.

Beheshti said: “If you enter the Louvre Museum from the tourist entrance, you will evaluate everything good and under control, but if you enter it from the back door you will see that they have also some problems that are not specific of weaker and poorer countries but the unsolved problems of the powerful countries is more than their resolved problems.”

According to Beheshti, the cultural heritage is not like other fields in which capabilities can be sold to each other rather all should join hands in order to see the happening of a good event and the present cultural heritage could be preserved for the future generations.

Describing as wrong the idea that each country is responsible to preserve its own cultural heritage, the head of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism said: “The works we have at the National Museum do not exclusively belong to the
Iranian people and this period; rather they belong to the entire people of the world and by preserving them we are fulfilling an international mission, therefore the same feeling of responsibility we have towards our museums we should have with regard to other museums.”

Saying that such cooperation and support for solving problems can be developed in different ways, he said today the best and easiest way for this purpose is regional cooperation, especially when there is proximity and affinity in the region.

“Different countries in the region may differ in political, economic, etc. terms but in the area of cultural heritage they are close to each other.”

Referring to regional educational programs and common cooperation in the preservation and retrofitting of historical monuments, Beheshti said such cooperation and activities had been halted for different reasons, “but we as one of the regional countries that have practiced such activities repeatedly are ready to organize educational workshops similar to the present one in RICHT and the cultural heritage deputy office in the area of preservation of mobile and immobile works and in other fields.”



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